Raj Thilak Rajan


Dr. Raj Thilak Rajan is an assistant professor with the faculty of electrical engineering, mathematics and computer science (EEMCS) at the Delft university of technology (TUD). Previously, he held research positions with diverse responsibilities at IMEC (Eindhoven, 2015-2018), University of Twente (Enschede, 2014), ASTRON (Dwingeloo, 2008-2014), CERN (Geneva, 2007-2008), Politenico di Bari (Bari, 2007-2008), Whirlpool (Pune, 2006-2007), and TIFR-NCRA (Pune, 2005).

He received his Ph.D. in 2016 from the faculty of EEMCS in TUD, for the thesis titled 'Relative space-time kinematics of an anchorless network'. Raj obtained his M.Sc. in electronic science from the university of Pune in 2006, where he stood first in class, and was the youngest to receive the Master degree. He was a SSPF fellow (The Netherlands, 2019), INFN fellow (Italy, 2008), MIUR fellow (Italy, 2007-2008), TIFR-VSRP fellow (India, 2005), and is an alumnus of the SSP2019 program from the international space university (ISU).

Raj holds 40+ peer-reviewed publications, with first-author contributions in the fields of signal processing, aerospace, radio astronomy, nuclear physics, and sensor networks. He is a member of the IEEE signal processing, and IEEE aerospace and electronic system societies, and a reviewer for various related publications. His research interests lie in statistical inference and machine learning, with applications to distributed and autonomous sensor systems e.g., satellite arrays in space.